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In this podcast, we'll take a look at the people, technology, and culture behind one of the world's most powerful and important computing platforms, the Mainframe. Expect interviews, discussions, and interesting tidbits along the way, with your hosts, Frank and Jeff.

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Episode 13 - Joe Gentile - z/OS Core Tech... and a little performance


Episode 13 - Joe Gentile - z/OS Core Tech... and a little performance

What started as a discussion about Mainframe performance ended up being a rather in-depth discussion of z/OS Core Technologies, including GRS, RSM and Enque/Deque. Hey, we chase what's interesting.

1:36 Getting Started

2:42 ... and before that?

3:45 What IS RSM?

4:23 But what *IS* RSM?

6:26 The Program to LE to VSM to RSM handoff

7:15 Security and RSM

8:25 Storage Keys to the Kingdom

10:13 Better Know a Keystate

11:42 Let's talk about GRS for a bit

12:57 But really, what *IS* a resource?

13:37 ... and now we're talking Enque Deque

17:16 Don't be a GRS Goofus

19:39 Tuning shared access in Parmlib

21:03 The dangers of Hardware Reserves

22:57 To actually talk a little bit about... Performance...

26:43 Preparing to Test!

28:21 Dumpchat

30:42 Level 1, Level 2, Level What?

32:50 Performance Analysis

34:02 z/OS Tools

36:40 On the concept of Capacity Planning

40:36 Closing Remarks

IBM z Systems Batch Network Analyzer (zBNA) Tool


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