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In this podcast, we'll take a look at the people, technology, and culture behind one of the world's most powerful and important computing platforms, the Mainframe. Expect interviews, discussions, and interesting tidbits along the way, with your hosts, Frank and Jeff.

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Episode 16 - Brian Prasky - Branch Prediction - 10.02.2017


Episode 16 - Brian Prasky - Branch Prediction - 10.02.2017

Brian Prasky knows what’s going on inside a CPU. He’s so smart he even knows what’s GOING to happen inside a CPU. This episode is all about Branch Prediction, the science and art of providing high-end CPUs with the ability to act faster based on historical data and models. If you use a computer with a processor, this is relevant to you.

1:28 What does a Logic Designer do?

4:06 The Data at Play

9:26 Building the model

13:48 How do the *others* do it?

18:23 Accuracy, Capacity, Latency

22:32 I never metacache...

23:59 How can I apply this?

25:21 Starting 'em youn

27:48 Making Progress

28:31 You ain't seen nothing yet

29:14 Breaking Apart the Chip

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