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In this podcast, we'll take a look at the people, technology, and culture behind one of the world's most powerful and important computing platforms, the Mainframe. Expect interviews, discussions, and interesting tidbits along the way, with your hosts, Frank and Jeff.

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Episode 32 - Mark Anzani - Mainframe Strategy - 1.22.2018


Episode 32 - Mark Anzani - Mainframe Strategy - 1.22.2018

The mainframe needs to continuously evolve in order to stay well-positioned in datacenters across the world. On today's episode, we sit down for a chat with Mark Anzani, VP of Strategy for IBM Z... and that's an uppercase Z.


3:02 What I want to do when I grow up

4:38 Racing stripes!

15:14 Things that are difficult are hard to do

17:36 Pervasive Encryption, we get it... what else?

25:14 Say you're a sysprog...

26:06 Staying ahead of the curve



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