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In this podcast, we'll take a look at the people, technology, and culture behind one of the world's most powerful and important computing platforms, the Mainframe. Expect interviews, discussions, and interesting tidbits along the way, with your hosts, Frank and Jeff.

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Brian Hugenbruch - z/VM Security

We thought this it'd be a good time to dive into the security aspects of Your Favorite Hypervisor (z/VM). Terminal Talk Top Tier Subscriber, Brian Hugenbruch came all the way down from Endicott to let us in on a little secret.
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Anthony Sofia - Data Privacy Passports

Anthony Sofia is back... again... to talk about a revolutionary new data-centric solution for protecting information both on and off the IBM Z platform.
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Anthony Sofia - z15 Compression

If you work in data, compression is a tool you use on a daily basis, and Z is a platform where it's practically elevated to an art. Hear from Anthony Sofia how the z15 changes things up once more, allowing even greater flexibility for managing data.
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Andreas Bieswanger & Carl Mayer - Simplifying Mainframe Management

Sitting at the Mainframe's Hardware Management Console is like sitting on the bridge of the Starship Enterprise. Great power, but probably overwhelming at first. Carl and Andraes are on the case to make HMC drastically more user-friendly.
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Tyler King & Kevin McKenzie - Instant Recovery

One of the exciting new features newly announced for Z is Instant Recovery. Tyler King and Kevin McKenzie are just two of the brains behind it. Learn how maintenance windows will get shorter on this new episode of Terminal Talk
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Tarun Chopra - The z15 is Here!

The latest and greatest, the IBM z15 is finally here and we couldn't be any happier. There's a lot to geek out about a new system, but it goes far beyond the box. Hear from Tarun Chopra, Director of IBM Z Offering Management, why this is a good time for Z
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Jeff, Dan, and Luisa - September 2019 Happenings

This time of the year is always especially busy, and we thought it'd be nice to get together and talk about what we've been up to. Any excuse to hang out in the recording studio, really.
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Deepak Kohli - IMS

In this episode, recorded at SHARE in Pittsburgh, Deepak gets right to what people want to know about IMS, including its two main components, and how it differs from the "other" databases and transaction managers out there. A good education for everyone.
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Derek Britton - Micro Focus - Happy Birthday COBOL

Derek finally got his invite onto Terminal Talk, and he's here to sing the praises of COBOL, a language designed to support commercial growth that is doing just that in 2019. There's no cake, but this is cause for celebration. Happy COBOL60 everybody.
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Elizabeth Joseph - Hyper Protect

With a background in Linux, open-source software, OpenStack, and a host of other goodness, Elizabeth Joseph is a welcome addition to the Z community. In this episode, we learn about Hyper Protect and her first impressions of The Mainframe Life
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