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In this podcast, we'll take a look at the people, technology, and culture behind one of the world's most powerful and important computing platforms, the Mainframe. Expect interviews, discussions, and interesting tidbits along the way, with your hosts, Frank and Jeff.

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Episode 61 - Mark Gambino - z/TPF - 11.26.2018

Few operating systems are so widely used, yet so unknown as z/TPF. The secret hero of many large retailers, hotel chains, credit card companies, and transportation providers. Listen to Mark Gambino explain how z/TPF does what it does so well.
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Episode 60 - Kurt Quackenbush - SMP/E - 11.12.2018

Managing software on z/OS means understanding SMP/E. If you've never had the pleasure, or if you want to hear more about it, this week's episode is for you. Kurt Quackenbush is an SMP/E expert, and was nice enough to stop by the studios for a bit.
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Episode 59 - Dave Follis - WebSphere - 10.28.2018

Internet. Kinda useful. And if you're doing anything on the mainframe that talks to the internet, you're probably dealing with WebSphere. Want to know more? We've got Dave Follis here to help explain it all.
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Episode 58 - Dan Wiegand - Z Operational Analytics - 10.15.2018

You may already know this, but the mainframe produces a lot of data. Perhaps it's time we start thinking of that data as an asset, rather than just letting it sit there. Dan Wiegand has a few ideas about how to get started.
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Episode 57 - Chad Rikansrud - Hack to the Future - 10.1.2018

Chad has seen some stuff, and that's not a bad thing, because once you've seen it, you can fix it. In this follow-up with one of our favorite mainframe hackers, we talk about security at a practical level, and make ourselves laugh... a lot. 
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Episode 56 - Chris Poole and Mark Cocker - 9.17.2018

CICS plays a very important role in the history and future of the mainframe, but for many newcomers, its purpose and appeal seem difficult to grasp. In this episode, we've got Chris Poole and Martin Cocker on the mic to help explain what it's all about.
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Episode 55 - Terri Menendez - VSAM - 9.3.2018

VSAM. Know it, use it, love it. Terri Menendez is here to make sure you know even more, so you can use it even better, and love it even more.
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Episode 54 - John Frahm - Mainframe High Availability - 8.20.2018

When things go bump in the night, it's good to have a plan. John Frahm is one of the folks who works with mainframe clients to ensure that sysprog whoopsies don't turn into catastrophic business outages.
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Episode 53 - Anna Shugol - zHyperLink - 8.6.2018

We've spent the last few episodes talking about reliability... but what about speed? In this episode, Anna Shugol talks about a new method for accelerating database reads and more. Let's hear from our favorite Terminal Talk Top Tier Member, Anna Shugol.
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Episode 52 - Bob Abrams - RAS - 7.23.2018

Bob Abrams is the STSM for RAS at IBM. If you know what more than two of those acronyms mean, then maybe you don't need to listen to this week's episode, but we recommend checking it anyway.
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