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In this podcast, we'll take a look at the people, technology, and culture behind one of the world's most powerful and important computing platforms, the Mainframe. Expect interviews, discussions, and interesting tidbits along the way, with your hosts, Frank and Jeff.

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Episode 31 - Bill Seubert - A Talk with a Mainframe Architect - 1.15.2018

Understanding the platform involves much more than just memorizing a bunch of commands. It also means knowing when to choose one solution over another, and how to connect it all so that it makes sense from a business perspective. Bill Seubert @ITArchitect
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Episode 30 - Steven Cook - GDPS - 1.9.2018

When things go bump in the night, companies generally like to know that it won't dramatically impact their workloads. In this episode, Steven Cook tells us all about GDPS, the little slice of magic that lets mainframers spread their Parallel Sysplex out a
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Episode 29 - Sam Reynolds - ISPF & Comm Server - 1.1.2018

Interactivity and network communications.... without them, hard to imagine how you'd do much of anything on the mainframe, yet this is an area that is a mystery for many. In this episode, Sam Reynolds schools us on the past, present, and future of ISPF an
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Episode 28 - 2018 Holiday Spectacular

Happy Holidays! Here's a silly one
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Episode 27 - Mark Rader - Db2 for z/OS - 12.18.2017

A database is a database is a database, right? Not exactly... find out what sets Db2 apart from everything else in this highly informative episode with Mark Rader.
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Episode 26 - Eysha Shirrine and Greg Boyd - Crypto Cagematch - 12.11.2017

It only made sense for us to follow up an amazing security episode with an amazing cyrpto episode. We’ll hear from IBM’s own Crypto Queen, Eysha Shirrine Powers, and Greg Boyd, the man behind Mainframe Crypto. Both have a ton of experience working with th
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Episode 25 - Chad Rikansrud - Mainframe Security - 12.4.2017

The mainframe is responsible for holding some of the world's most valuable data. Why should we give it a free pass when it comes to security? Chad Rikansrud of RSM Partners is here to tell you that it shouldn't, and that there's a lot keep in mind before
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Episode 24 - ATPCO - Leveraging the Mainframe in Business - 11.27.2017

ATPCO uses the mainframe to deliver some very powerful capabilities to the world's airlines. How exactly do they meet those demands and make the most from their systems? Guess you'll have to listen to this week's episode.
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Episode 23 - Glenn Anderson - Mainframe Education - 11.20.2017

Glenn Anderson is just one of the people in charge of making sure education is readily available to mainframe users around the world.
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Episode 22 - Rosalind Radcliffe - Enterprise DevOps - 11.13.2017

Rosalind Radcliffe has been the DevOps Queen for quite a while now, and has some tremendous insight into just how mainframe shops can see immediate and long-term advantages from shifting to modern tooling.
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